Who has never lost in productivity and performance due to the delay or rework when validating something with a client or superior?

This is very common in traditional project management, where an entire project is delivered at once and then it is necessary to review all the deliverables at once. 

In agile methodologies, it is common to involve the client several times in the construction of the project – and not just in the final delivery. In the short cycles of agile methods, the stakeholder is able to track small deliveries, allowing for faster work validation.

At the end of the day, this impacts the overall visibility of the team’s performance. 

Find the optimal agile method and improve performance management

Agile methodologies can be great allies of performance management, but you need to adjust them to the needs of your company. 

Implementing agile methodologies is not something that happens overnight, so my recommendation is that you choose the method that makes the most sense for the type of project your team develops and your company culture.

Here at TIVIT Labs , for example, we adapt agile methodologies according to the scope of each product or service.

Whether implementing a virtual assistant on a client or automating team processes, we use different tools and short cycles to align and accelerate deliveries. 

Other recommendations are to define well the roles and responsibilities within agile teams, and also to do a detailed documentation of the processes so that agile practices are more efficient. There are several tools and software for this.

Following these steps and aligning the application of agile methods with strategic objectives, your company will surely improve performance management. Your customers and employees will thank you.